Meat Dishes You Have to Try in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a thriving melting pot of the world’s cultures. With a predominantly Chinese population alongside millions of expats from around the world, the region’s cuisine is known for its rich variety of flavours, colours and textures. Cooking techniques are another aspect of the Hong Kong food scene that contributes to the sheer choice on offer, so whether you’re hankering for some barbecue, in the mood for noodles, or craving something lighter, you will be completely spoiled for choice in Hong Kong.

If you are a visitor to the area then it can be difficult to choose where to eat. Basically, you could spend years in Hong Kong, eating out every day, and still be able to enjoy something new for every meal. Residents of Hong Kong will have their favourites, but many people still love to try new places and discover something new. Whether you are new to Hong Kong or are wanting to get out of your comfort zone, these are some of the best meat dishes on offer in Hong Kong. 

Dim sum

As Hong Kong forms part of the PRC, it is only natural that some of Hong Kong’s best dishes have a strong Chinese influence. Served in traditional bamboo steaming baskets, dim sum are delicious, bite sized dumplings packed with meat, typically beef, and aromatic ingredients to produce a hot and savoury bite. 

Dim sum technically refers to a course, or style of eating, where small bites of food are served as an accompaniment to traditional teas. Many people use the words ‘dim sum’ to mean ‘dumplings’, but to get the full effect you might like to try eating dim sum as a complete meal experience. 

Beef brisket noodles

Noodle dishes are everywhere you look in Hong Kong and there is sure to be something that suits your tastes. Beef brisket noodles are a firm favourite, and are a hot, comforting meal that can be found very affordably. This dish is simply a combination of beef brisket, noodles, rich broth and vegetables, but they are so perfectly seasoned with balanced flavours that each ingredient really shines. 

Variations of dishes using these ingredients can be found all over Asia, including the popular Vietnamese dish pho, and Japanese favourite, beef ramen. You can find these variations in Hong Kong, alongside more traditional, Cantonese-style dishes. If you have access to a basic kitchen you can easily make this dish yourself. A quality butcher will be able to provide you with the right cuts of meat, and you can easily find your noodles and veggies fresh at the market. 

Tofu skin rolls

If you haven’t heard of tofu skin then you’re missing out! Tofu is a traditional vegetarian food, though it is often used alongside meat in savoury dishes. Unlike the more familiar blocks of tofu you will find in many dishes, tofu skin is a thin sheet of tofu that is chewy yet tender, savoury, and takes on flavours like a sponge. It is the perfect casing for rolls stuffed with pork, beef, seafood and veggies, and steamed until the tofu skin is a little softer and the fillings are steaming hot and aromatic. 

Sweet and sour pork

Whether you are living in Hong Kong or visiting from somewhere like the USA or UK, the chances are you will have heard of sweet and sour pork. Perhaps you’ve even tried it in the past. This is not a dish to miss in Hong Kong as it is made with pride and is a national favourite. With strong Cantonese influence, sweet and sour pork pairs the richness of pork with a balance of sweetness and sour flavours. Traditionally this dish was made with crispy fried pork loin, though pork ribs are popular today in Hong Kong.

Lo mai gai

While it is a popular dim sum menu item, lo mai gai stands on its own as a delicious dish that deserves your attention. In Cantonese, the name means chicken glutinous rice and this is basically a description of what the dish is. Despite the seemingly basic components of this dish, they combine into something delicious. The lo mai gai is served wrapped in a lotus leaf to form the rice and keep in the heat and moisture.